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Welcome to Campus Encounters

Welcome to the Campus Encounters blog. As part of on-going professional development, I visit a lot of campuses; the entries here will include factual information about the schools and my impressions of the campuses. I generally take extensive notes during and shortly after my visit so I can remember the unique things about each place, remember why I might want to suggest specific schools to specific students, and hopefully capture a bit of the feel and culture of the campus. When I return from trips, colleagues often ask about the colleges and I make an effort pass on information to people who might be interested (science information to science teachers, for example). Using a blog, though, seems to be a better way to make what I learned more accessible to a larger audience.

Please take these blog entries with a grain of salt: as much as possible, I will share interesting facts, little-known information, or new initiatives on the campuses. Any facts and statistics I put in here come from sources provided by the college itself: promotional material they gave to me, something presented at an Admissions Information session, or something told to me by an admissions counselor or tour guide. I will provide the date that I visited campus to give a sense of how recent the facts are, but obviously these things change so please don’t take them as written in stone. If I share opinions from tour guides, I will mark them as such. Otherwise, opinions are mine and mine alone. I will share personal impressions about the college: things that surprised or impressed me, things that I really liked or wished were different, etc.

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