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McDaniel College

McDaniel College, Westminster, MD (visited 1/25/12)

Listed in Loren Pope’s Colleges that Change Lives, this beautiful campus is about an hour north of DC. Until about 10 years ago, this was Western Maryland College, a bit confusing since it’s not in the western part of the state: it was originally named after the railroad that went through town. McDaniel is the name of a former college president who was well loved and had given a great deal of time to the students. The campus, where most of the 1,600 undergrads live, has a traditional college campus feel: lots of older (but well maintained) brick buildings, slightly rolling hills, etc. The campus is compact; walking from one end to the other takes about 10 minutes.

I really liked some of their unusual majors such as American Sign Language/ Deaf Studies, Graphic Design, or Athletic Training/ Exercise Science and Physiology. Students can also self-design majors such as Sports Journalism. The college offers 5-Year BA/MS programs in Counselor Education, Gerontology, Human Services Management, and 3 areas of education. The January Term is great; I wish I had been able to take some of the classes they offer, particularly some of the study-abroad options: art/photography classes in a variety of places, marine biology in the Bahamas, investigating the Dracula legends in Romania, working with deaf children in the Dominican Republic.

My tour guide was an upperclassman from Baltimore who originally had wanted a bigger, more urban school, but visited and fell in love with the campus. She doesn’t regret coming at all, but when I asked what she would change if she could, the only thing she would change is the location. She loves the people, the campus, and the education, but doesn’t like that so much around campus closes down at 10; one restaurant stays open until 2, but it’s a 15 minute walk away – doable, but not something they do every day.

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