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University of Washington – Bothell

University of Washington – Bothell (info session on the UW main campus, 6/22/17)

For 130 years, UW was 1 campus; in 1990, they decided to expand their reach to increase access, specifically for transfer students. There are now 3 campuses in the UW system (Bothell and Tacoma in addition to the main campus in Seattle) which provide different experiences. They share characteristics of collaboration, offering students joint access to programs across campuses including 275 study abroad offerings and 306 degree programs (although not all are available on all campuses). After completing 25 credits on their home campus, students can take up to 15 credits a year on the other campuses. Technically, students at Bothell or Tacoma can be involved in the athletics on the main campus although it’s a rarity.

The Bothell campus is located about 15 miles northeast of main campus. They structured themselves specifically to serve transfers, but then opened up for first year candidates and have grown like crazy. They’ve doubled in size in the last 7 or 8 years to a total of about 4800 students almost equally divided between first years and transfers. About 75% of these are residents of Washington. They offer apartments for on-campus housing.

This is a great option for those who want a UW education but in a smaller educational environment. They have a strong commitment to affordability and access. Bothell is a majority-minority campus with almost 70% self-reporting as an underrepresented student. About half of the students are first-gen college-goers. Their mission to change trajectories. Over half of UW grads don’t have “known debt”; those that do have less than the national average. They also earn more upon graduation than any other school in the state!

Bothell has 5 schools; some of their note-worthy programs are:

  1. Business
    1. Retail Management (operations, buying, etc).
    2. Applied Computing
  2. Educational Studies: interdisciplinary
  3. Interdisciplinary A&S
    1. Community Psychology
    2. Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior
    3. Interactive Media Design (joint program with STEM)
    4. Culture, Literature, and the Arts
    5. Mathematical Thinking and Visualization
  4. Nursing and Health Studies
  5. STEM
    1. Climate Science and Policy
    2. Conservation and Restoration Ecology

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