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Rosemont College

Rosemont College (visited 7/21/16)

Rosemont stained glassRosemont is home to the only chapel in the country – and 1 of only 2 in the world – to depict only female saints in the stained glass windows.

Beyond that cool fact, very few schools are willing to take a step as bold as cutting tuition by 43%. That’s exactly what Rosemont did this past fall. Tuition is now $18,500 (check out “Our Tuition Promise” here). Not surprisingly, they immediately saw increased inquiries and applications (and applying online is free!). They’re bringing in 200 freshman for the fall of 2016 and expect to keep growing.

Rosemont main bldg 3Currently, 85% of students come from the Greater Philly area, but with lowered tuition, out-of-state numbers are going up. They also have a fair number of international students; our tour guide was from Zimbabwe, and her cousin had attended, as well! Having just gone co-ed in 2009, their gender ratio is still about 2:1 female to male; they expect that to change, as well, with increased applications.

About 425 of the 575 undergraduates live on campus. They have 175 beds available for freshmen who are all housed in one dorm. Their freshman to sophomore retention rate is 80% with a 65% 4-year/81% 6-year graduation rate, both well above the national average.

Rosemont chapelFounded by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and the Mission of Cornelia Connelly, this is a suburban Catholic residential college, only a quick train ride (20 min) to Center City Philadelphia. Although in a safe area, campus is gated at night. The SEPTA rail goes right by campus, and the Roseline shuttle operates on a regular basis in addition to one they run in conjunction with Villanova. All students can have a car on campus with a one-time fee of $25.

Rosemont seating 2Because of the plethora of colleges in the area (11 in the Greater Philly area are Catholic, and Philly itself is the 2nd biggest college town in the US after Boston), Rosemont participates in Collegiate Connections in which there are cross-enrollment agreements to happen after the freshman year. At Villanova, they can take up to 16 credits other than in the Engineering and Nursing departments.

Rosemont 4There are 24 undergrad majors offered with Education, Psych, Bio, and Business being the most popular. Six dual-degree programs and nine 3-year programs are available. Students opting for the 3-year plan must be academically eligible (usually with a high school GPA of 3.5 and SAT scores of 1100) and will take summer classes and extra classes during the semester. Some other programs worth knowing about include:

Our tour guide’s favorite class was Forensic Anthropology, co-taught by someone from the coroner’s office and a homicide detective.

To be eligible for the Honors Program, incoming freshmen must have 3.5 GPA and 1150 SAT or 24 ACT. They can apply as Freshmen for Sophomore year, as well. They have set aside one of the dorms for Honors Students; it sleeps 17 students.

Students are happy with the activities on and off campus. Clearly there’s plenty to do in Philly, but there’s no lack of options for students not wanting to venture off campus. A couple favorite events are the Glow-in-the-dark volleyball and the outdoor movie nights. There are 13 DIII sports; they compete in the Colonial Sates Athletic Conference.

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