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Holy Family University

Holy Family University (visited 7/20/16)

Holy Family 1Holy Family, with its 1400 full-time undergraduates, is still very much a commuter school. They had been almost exclusively commuter before 2005 except for athletes and international students. Today, still only about 300 students live on campus. However, Residence Halls are all new or renovated since 2005, and the university has worked hard to provide weekend activities such as trips and events on campus, so most residential students do stay on the weekends. Haunted Weekend is a big draw: they have a dance (with prizes for costumes), paintball, and more. There is a train station nearby, so downtown is accessible for off campus fun.

HFU has the lowest net cost of any private school in the Philly area, and Monday Magazine has named it a Value All-Star.

Holy Family nursingNursing is the largest major followed by Education (they offer Early Childhood, Middle, and Secondary certifications as well as Special Education). Some of their Business tracks are unusual, including Digital Forensics, Business Intelligence, and Fire Science and Public Safety Administration. Some of their sciences are unusual as well, including Neuroscience, Psychology for Business, and Medical Technology. Students can elect to complete a 4+1 MBA, a 4+1 Masters in Criminal Justice, or a 4+2 in Counseling Psych.

Holy Family businessThe Business building is brand new (and the only one that looks really new; other buildings are mostly yellow brick, and while they’re maintained, they look dated and not much like a college). Located on the edge of campus at the bottom of the hill, it almost doesn’t feel like it’s part of campus. The new building provides lots of new classroom and other learning spaces.

Holy Family gazeboThe tour guide’s class sizes ranged from 8-15 for the smallest, and 20-25 for the largest. “I know some classes go up to about 32, but those aren’t that common.” 80% of students have some sort of field experience before graduation, and the school promises a 100% internship placement rate – if students qualify, according to an admissions rep.

General Ed classes are pretty standard. First Year Experience students need to attend at least five 20-minutes lectures during Common Hour. It would be a club presentation, a visiting lecturer, etc. This is to help students participate in campus life.

Holy Family stu cntrHFU’s sports are DII in the Central Atlantic Colligate Conference. The athletic center is someone new and is one of the bigger buildings on campus. It has all the standard things you’d expect but no bells or whistles (no rock-climbing wall or fancy track, for example).

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