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Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University (visited 3/20/14)

Walkway into the Quad

Walkway into the Quad

Quinnipiac’s Mount Carmel campus, the main campus, is well-manicured and attractive. The buildings are mostly low-level (2 or 3 story) brick, and the curving walkway from the parking lot led us past some dorms and into a large, open quad. Hills surround campus, creating a bit of an idyllic, slightly remote feeling; in fact, the campus is right next to Sleeping Giant park, a popular place for students to hike.



The university is made up of three campuses; Mount Carmel is the main campus where most of the academics and athletics are located and where Freshmen and Sophomores live. Freshmen dorms are fairly typical units; sophomores live in suites, often with balconies. Juniors and seniors live about 10 minutes away on the York Hill campus, a new campus overlooking the Mount Carmel campus (and you can see the parking structure from main points on the Mount Carmel campus); this campus also houses the hockey rink and basketball court. Shuttles go back and forth regularly. The buildings at York Hill have been built in the last few years, and the university has also invested in the infrastructure at Mount Carmel, resulting in state-of-the art Business and Communication buildings (two of the newest buildings, housing two of the most popular majors).

Student Center

Student Center

The third campus is located in New Haven and houses the Nursing and other Health Sciences departments as well as Education (and eventually the Law school). Some notable programs here are their 5.5 year Occupational Therapy program (BS/MOT), 6 year Physician Assistant program (BA/MHS), and direct-entry Physical Therapy Doctorate (6 or 7 years leading to a BS/DPT). There are no residence halls on this campus, so most students utilizing this campus will commute from one of the other two (usually York Hill since most students taking classes in New Haven are upperclassmen), or will live off campus. Off campus housing is easy to find; in addition to campus-owned apartments, they provide listings for privately run housing units, and many places are found by word of mouth. Almost 25% of the students will live in non-university housing (off campus, not in a university owned apartment).

One of the food trucks

One of the food trucks

Freshmen are not allowed to have cars on campus, but the students we talked to did not feel that they were necessary. Shuttles run into New Haven and Hamden (the closest town) until 3am. The town is small, but there’s plenty to do. Louie’s Lunch and Frank Peppy’s Pizza come highly recommended. Apparently the clam pizza is a specialty. Food on campus is reportedly “pretty good,” but it is campus food. There are some food trucks that come to campus that are highly popular, and students are willing to wait in line for a change of pace. Because town is small, most of the social life is found on campus. 25% of students get involved in Greek life; students can rush in the fall. New York City is only about an hour and a half away, so it’s an easy day trip; students can grab a commuter rail train from New Haven.

Students are generally happy here; they have about an 88% retention rate from freshman to sophomore years, and close to 80% graduate in 6 years.

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