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Regis University

REGIS UNIVERSITY (visited 10/4/12)

Regis chapel


Regis is primarily an undergraduate institution of 2400 students on 100 acres within the city of Denver, a “Destination Location.” However, they do have a graduate population and have a beautiful new graduate building meant to centralize their grad programs. The campus is listed as a National Arboretum, so they get funding for trees on campus, and they take this seriously. As a Jesuit institution, they live by the “Men and Women in Service of Others” motto. Last year, students completed 18,000 hours of community service.


One of the main buildings on campus.

Students have a lot of activities to choose from on campus. Thursday Thrill is a big deal; the Student Activities Board plans something special every week ranging from hypnotists, comedians, Zombie Crawls on Halloween, and “Tailgating” involving zip-lines, cookouts, and watching whatever game is on campus that night. Regis is a DII school and participates in the Rocky Mountain Conference. They have an active fan club named the Raucous Rangers. For people not wanting to play varsity sports, there are lots of club and intramural teams; Lacrosse and Rugby are club sports and competitive. Cars are allowed on campus, but rarely needed; being so centrally located in Denver has its advantages, and students can ride the city buses and Light-Rail system for free with their student IDs.

The Coors Center (you can tell you’re in Colorado!) is dedicated to growth outside the classroom. The health center, career center, fitness center, and tutoring are all located in the building in there. The career center is available to alum as well. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger. The writing center has specialized writing tutors so it doesn’t matter if you need help in a lit class or writing up a science lab.

Approximately 40% of the students are Catholic. A big, beautiful new chapel has recently been built on campus; both Catholic masses and interfaith services are held in there. Students are not required to attend any sort of religious service, but they must take a World Religions class (a survey class), and one Christianity course at the 300 level: there are 10 to choose from.

Regis 3The sciences get rave reviews from students, particularly biology, nursing, and pharmacy programs. Regis offers a 2+4 Pharmacy program; students spend two years in in the undergrad, pre-pharmacy program and then apply to be admitted into the Doctoral program which takes an additional two years. The science building is specialized by hall so bio is on one floor, chem is on one floor, math and physics on one floor. Classrooms, labs, and offices are all together which the students said contributed to getting a cohesive experience. However, sciences are not the only departments that are strong; business has a good comprehensive program, and communications is great; they even have their own radio station on campus.

The school only has one big lecture hall which is rarely used for classes because there just aren’t any classes that big. Instead, it’s used for more special events such as guest lecturers. Our tour guide had class sizes ranging from 12-60; his favorite class was a neuroscience class in which they got to do surgery on a rat brain.

The school has a two-year residency requirement; about 50% of Juniors and Seniors stay on campus. The tour guide was off campus and paid about $400 in rent in a 4-bedroom house which was a 4-minute walk off campus. Freshmen usually live in traditional dorms, but there are suites and townhouses available, mostly used by upperclassmen. There are kitchens in dorms complete with utensils, pots, etc that students can check out to use so they don’t have to bring their own. The dining hall is good, and students tend not to complain about the food. Our tour guide says that he rarely needs to wait more than five minutes for food, even during busy meal times.


One of many chairs with reading lights available in the library.

There are a lot of nice “extras” on campus that make it feel like home. The library had really cool comfy chair cubicles with individual reading lights for students. There’s a pub on campus available to students 21 and over. The table tops are basically chalk-boards, and there are large pieces of chalk on the tables so they can write on the tables. The “three frees” on campus are parking, laundry, and printing.

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