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University of Montana, Western (Dillon, MT)

University of Montana, Western (Admissions Representative Presentation)

UMW is unique in the Montana system in that classes are offered on the block schedule; in this way, they’re very much like Colorado College or Cornell College. Students take one class at a time, three hours a day for 18 days. Classes meet either from 8:15-11:15 or from 12:15-3:15, and the students may NOT take 2 classes during the same 18 day block. At the end of the block, they get two extra days off (so a four-day weekend) and then will start their next class. Classes are capped at 25 with an average of 18.

Half the students are in Education, but Business and Biology are also popular. Geology is the most prestigious, and Natural Horsemanship is the most unique.

This is a small, compact campus with 1400 undergrads. Almost 2/3 of the students are from Montana. For those flying in, Bozeman is usually the most convenient (more flights), but Butte is closer (60 miles). The drive from Bozeman is an hour and 45 minutes. There is definitely a rural feel with the school located near Continental Divide and Ranches. Freshman must live on campus.


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