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Montana Tech

Montana Tech mirrors Colorado School of Mines for engineering. It is specifically a STEM institution with 3000 students. Their mission is to help students from wherever they are; if they come in with less math than they need, they will provide the resources and help for students to catch up and have a decent amount of success with this: students who come in ready with only College Algebra rather than Calculus have a 60% success rate in their engineering program. Job placement is high with a 96% career placement over 10 years (with 99% of alum responding).

They offer programs on two campuses: a two-year degree campus (which offers programs like metals fabrication) and a four-year campus with programs like mining and lots of engineering programs like environmental, petroleum, geophysical. These last two programs are also the two most recent doctoral degree programs. The university is located in Butte, a mining town. It’s described as blue-collar, historical, friendly, and proud. Students are primarily from Montana (80%); 8% of the population are international. Surprisingly, the gender imbalance is not as pronounced as might be expected given the type of school: only 59% of the students are male. There are also no fraternities or sororities.


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