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California College of the Arts

CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS (Admissions representative talk on 7/17/12)

CCA offers 6 areas of study including music, theater, visual arts, and architecture; they award BA, BFA, BArch, and BID degrees. Their BArch program is a 5 year program that is fully accredited which means that students can sit for their Boards after graduation. CCA believes heavily in the academic portion of the degrees because they not only want students to “make art that matters” but to be able to articulate why and how they made the art they did. Because the school is fully accredited and students do complete distribution requirements inherent in a liberal arts curriculum, students can transfer in or out of the school more easily than if this was strictly an arts school.

A few of the unusual majors they offer are Glass, Animation, Jewelry/Metal Arts, textiles, and Interaction Design. Housing is limited: only about 300 beds are available, but the community is strong. They also have 25 study abroad options at art institutes around the world.


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