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American University

American University, Washington DC (visited 1/24/12)

American provides an attractive, fairly self-contained campus with architecture that seems purposefully designed to mimic the feel of DC. Located in the Northwestern quadrant of the city, it is easily accessible by metro and bus lines. Even visiting after dark, the place was alive with students walking all over. The campus was well-lit and seemed very safe. The campus is walkable with dorms located towards the sides of campus and several grassy areas in the middle. The surrounding area is well-suited for college students with all sorts of stores, banks, and other services in walking distance. City bus stops and stops on the metro red-line are also in easy walking distance to campus. As expected for such a prominent university in the nation’s capital, they are highly regarded for their Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Science, and other sorts of majors. My tour guide was an alum who said she happened to luck into American, and couldn’t be happier with the education she got; she took advantage of internships, study abroad opportunities, and had double-majored in history and International Relations.

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